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Web design agencies working in the current online landscape must concern themselves with web accessibility. Anyone seeking an online platform in the current state of the web will surely want an environment that is accessible to all users. As the need for web accessibility increases, web designers must find solutions to provide their clients’ websites with quality accessibility features. 

Fortunately, Accessibly is here with every solution necessary for web design agencies. If you are a web designer searching for ways to provide your clients with quality web accessibility, Accessibly has you covered. Our online widget is the leading web accessibility tool, and is guaranteed to enhance accessibility for your clients. Accessibility is designed with WCAG and ADA guidelines in mind, and has developed several useful features that can assist in addressing those guidelines. 

As a web design agency, there are several advantages to offering a quality and accessible online environment to your customers. Accessibly understands the value of web accessibility, and looks forward to working with you to provide high standard accessibility to your customers. Listed below are several reasons web design agencies can benefit from partnering with a web accessibility specialist such as Accessibly. 

Cost Effectiveness 

At Accessibly, we are absolutely committed to providing each of our customers with a fair and affordable price. We pride ourselves on our inexpensive cost, and how we compare to our competitors. If you are a web design agency who is interested in utilizing Accessibly on your clients’ websites, we are happy to offer affordable deals. Not only is partnering with Accessibly for your web accessibility needs affordable, it is also a great investment. 

By partnering with Accessibly, and having access to amazing web accessibility tools and features, you can offer your clients a more attractive product. Online business owners working in today’s online landscape understand the importance of providing their customers with quality web accessibility features. Web accessibility can enhance customer satisfaction, brand perception, and diversity of audience. By offering your clients the tools provided by Accessibly, you can set yourself apart from other web design agencies. 

WCAG and ADA Violations

Owners of websites must be extremely cautious regarding their web accessibility compliance. Following the standards set forth by both the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Americans with Disabilities Act must be priorities for every website owner. Because the standards can be challenging to understand and follow, it is best to rely on a quality web accessibility tool, like Accessibly, to assist you with compliance. It is common for website owners to have strong concerts about WCAG and ADA violations, because penalties can be steep and even lead to lawsuits. 

According to, under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, violators can be penalized up to $55,000 for the first violation and $110,000 for any subsequent violation. The number of online ADA lawsuits has continued to increase, making it a risk for any online business.  Furthermore, websites that fail to meet WCAG 2.1 AA success criteria may also be subject to heavy fines, penalizations, or lawsuits. WCAG is not law, but is a guideline to protect businesses from ADA violations and lawsuits. 

For this reason, website owners must concern themselves with web accessibility standards. Penalizations of this degree have the potential to financially debilitate or even end a business. This is why it is essential for web design agencies to offer web accessibility services to their clients. By partnering with Accessibly, web design agencies can offer a product to their customers that effectively assists with web accessibility. 

Enhanced Product

As a web design agency, you should be striving to provide customers with the absolute best product available on the market. Website design is a brutally competitive market, so it is imperative to provide your customers with a remarkable product in order to stay competitive. As web accessibility continues to be a growing concern and priority for website owners, being a web design agency that provides quality web accessibility tools can set you apart. 

With Accessibly, you can ensure your clients are receiving the best web accessibility widget on the web! Our widget works seamlessly on any website, for both mobile and desktop users. We also boast an impressive set of 12 features, and plan on adding more features in the future. Addressing web accessibility and WCAG standards can be a headache, but Accessibly makes solving these issues easy. By offering your clients the amazing abilities of Accessibly, you can greatly enhance your product and boost customer satisfaction. 

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If you are a web design agency, you can greatly benefit by partnering with Accessibly. Accessibly can help you greatly enhance the websites to deliver to your clients, and boost customer satisfaction. Your customers should not need to deal with solving WCAG and ADA compliance alone. Accessibly is here to assist each of your clients with addressing web accessibility standards. Do not delay providing your clients with high quality web accessibility tools, sign up with Accessibly today!

Head to and explore our full range of options, or contact us to find a plan that works for you. We are your cost effective solution to web accessibility, and look forward to working with you. Your customers will love how easy Accessibly is to operate, and how many customizable options come with the widget. Sign up with Accessibly, and immediately give your clients the high quality web accessibility solutions they deserve!

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