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Accessibly App – Our Way of Making the Internet More Accessible to Everyone

From Snowboards to a Billion Dollar Company

Back in 2004, Shopify was established by a couple of young guys as an e-store for snowboards. Now it is an internationally used e-commerce platform with approximately 820,000 merchants in 2019. Shopify has gained quite a client base and popularity since the year of establishment 15 years ago. Not only that, the business has rapidly grown in the last couple of years. Based on their financial statement, over 2018, they had an astonishing 59% increase in total revenue (In numbers, this would translate to 1.073 billion USD in Total Revenue for the full year). Sounds like a great year, right?
For every booming business like this, there is usually a large user pool keeping the business going. And as the customer pool grows, it becomes more and more diverse. While developing Shopify stores for our clients, we realized that we need to create an app that helps to browse Shopify sites for a bigger and more diverse client base making these sites more inclusive and user-friendly.
So say “hello” to our newest work – Accessibly App!

Our part in making websites more accessible

Accessibly App makes websites accessible by making the shopping experience easier for people with visual impairment. It includes a variety of tools the visitor can select from and apply to the website’s interface – adding a reading line, making fonts more readable and links more noticeable. Change brightness, contrast, and grayscale, add Text to Speech function. These are only some of the functions available in our free plan because we believe that a good website browsing experience should be equally accessible to everyone.
But in case you wish to upgrade the branding of Accessibly App so it matches your Shopify store, you can do it with our premium plan which costs only $10 per month!
Check out Accessibly App on Shopify App store and let us know your thoughts!

Accessibly App – Featured app of the week!

We are very happy to announce that our very own Accessibly App has been selected as a Shopify’s Staff pick. Hooray!

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