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ADA/WCAG Compatibility Related Questions

  • Based on the published Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), the Accessibly app can help your website achieve compatibility. However, we cannot guarantee full ADA compliance. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is a civil rights law that prohibits the discrimination of people with disabilities and is considered a non-delegable duty. In plain English, this means that your site must be ADA compliant, and you cannot delegate the responsibility to a third party.

    In addition to Accessibly app, we kindly recommend you to scan your website using this ADA compliance tool— As previously stated, the Accessibly app can help with web accessibility, but website accessibility starts with fixing issues arising from your website itself. Important to note — these online ADA/WCAG tools do not include Accessibly in the Accessibility reports as we do not update your website's code.

    If you have more questions, reach out to our client support and we will be happy to assist you in making your website accessible!

  • Website accessibility is an ongoing process rather than a one-time job you “executed” years ago. Whenever you add a new content, whether that is a new blog post, inner page or just a new image, every new content/website update must be accessible by all of your website visitors.

    You might be wondering, where to start with all of this. After you have installed and successfully added Accessibly app to your website, we recommend scanning your website using a dedicated ADA/WCAG tool. One great option we recommend to our clients is WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. This tool will let you know of the existing accessibility issues you have on site. Of course, additional manual review is necessary along with these digital tools.

    After existing accessibility issues have been resolved, you can visit the official Web Accessibility Initiative website to learn more about the actions you can take to maintain your website accessible.

Accessibly Feature Related Questions

  • Yes, placing the Accessibility widget as a static element is possible! We have a feature on our premium plan called "Custom Trigger"—it lets you set the Widget somewhere on the site of your choice (Navigation bar or footer are the most often used options between our clients!).

  • Heads up—the implementation process requires some coding skills. To get started here, follow these steps to implement the Custom Trigger feature:

    1. Log into your admin panel and head over to Accessibly App. There, you will see a new section with the custom trigger option (screenshot
    2. Here, you have to add the element ID you wish to trigger.

    If you experience any issues or technical assistance is needed, please reach out to our client support team.

  • Important—the custom trigger implementation process requires some technical skills. Follow these steps to implement the Custom Trigger feature:

    1. Log into your Stand-alone Accessibly Admin Panel Dashboard and head over to the “Advanced” Feature section.
    2. Here in these fields, you have to add the element ID you wish to trigger.

    If you run into any issues or technical help here is needed, please reach out to our client support team.

Troubleshooting Technical Issues

  • Here is a pro tip — if Accessibly app menu is opening up with the “Tab” key, then the app is loading on your site and the issue is with the round widget icon itself.

    To troubleshoot this - please check if you haven't added any content to these fields under general settings in your Accessibly App Shopify Admin Panel.

    If there is nothing added under these fields, we will have to request access to your store to fully troubleshoot this issue. Please reach out to Accessibly support team and we will help you!

  • If you can open up Accessibly Widget menu with the “Tab” key, then the issue most likely lies under advanced settings. To troubleshoot this, please:

    1. Log into your Accessibly Admin Panel
    2. Check if these fields are empty. If they are filled out, please remove any containing information.

    If these fields are empty and the widget still is not showing up, please reach out to our support team.