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The Web is perhaps the single most important resource for several aspects of our life. Workforces, commerce, education and even recreation are increasingly becoming dependent on the Web. These developments make website accessibility absolutely essential.

Ensuring your website has complete accessibility can dramatically improve your platform, and in some cases is required by law.

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Ecommerce is an exceptionally competitive industry, and differentiating yourself from the competition is imperative. If you are using a popular ecommerce platform, such as Magento, you must consider web accessibility when building your online store. With quality web accessibility you can exponentially enhance your user experience. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed to improve with accessible design and Accessibly is here to help!

Improve Your Magento Website Accessibility With Accessibly

Accessibly is here to help improve your Magento Website in a multitude of ways! The first way is by improving your website’s visibility. Visual impairment is particularly common, especially among individuals who are elderly. Making your website sufficiently visible is paramount when creating an accessible environment.

Furthermore, Accessibly offers users highlighted links and readable fonts, making navigation simple.

Accessibly offers several accessibility features to users, and works seamlessly across devices.

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This includes features such as grayscale, adjustable brightness and contrast, inverted colors, and even a text-to-speech reading of the website.

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Accessibly deeply believes in the importance of following WCAG and ADA guidelines. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is an international standard designed to eliminate barriers for accessibility across the Web.

By following these standards, websites are benefiting individuals with disabilities and the entire online community. Assistive technologies and well designed websites improve the quality of the entire online landscape.

We have committed ourselves to complying with accessibility standards and improving the experience of everyone. These standards are stringent and often being updated, which makes having a quality tool like Accessibly essential. Accessibly follows the best guidelines and is partially conformant with WCAG 2.0 level AA.

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Installing Accessibly On A Magento Website

Installing Accessibly on a Magento website has been made easy. To begin, you can head to our homepage on the website. Next, simply click the “Get Accessibly App” button, and select the Magento Icon. From there, you can download and install our Accessibly Widget directly onto your Magento Website.

After a quick and easy install, users can begin using the Accessibly widget on your store, and experience a more accessible environment. Additionally, once you have installed the widget onto your online store, Accessibly offers several customizable features. This includes what features you make available to your users, the color and theme display of the widget, and several other adjustable branding options.

Accessibly understands the importance of tailoring the user experience for your customers, and continues to strive for a more customizable and straightforward experience.

Pricing For Magento Users

Accessibly offers both monthly and annual billing for all Magento users. A monthly subscription for Magento users is a flat rate $25 per month, and an annual membership is $250. When working with Accessibly you will be charged a flat rate, and never be subjected to hidden fees. It is common for accessibility services to charge users based on website traffic and visitor count. At Accessibly, we do not charge users based on their website’s visitor count, and pride ourselves on our affordable cost.

Included in your plan is full access to our customer service. We constantly strive to provide the best customer service possible, and create a close community with our users. As a company devoted to consistently improving our product, we welcome all feedback and communication from our users.

Monthly Plan

$25 /per month

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Yearly Plan

$250 /per year

5-day Free Trial

Get The #1 Accessibility Widget Now

If you are the owner of an online ecommerce store on the Magento platform, it is crucial to prioritize your website’s accessibility. Fortunately, Accessibly is here to simplify the entire process. To begin using Accessibly for your Magento Website, simply create an account and browse which plan is best for you. Once you have selected a plan, you can begin the easy installation process on your website.

Once Accessibly is installed, you can begin customizing your widget and giving your customers a more accessible experience. The benefits of providing your customers with a more accessible online environment are countless. Do not wait any longer to address web accessibility on your online store. Sign up with Accessibly today, and begin using the best online widget for web accessibility!

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