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Over the past several decades the web has become a universal tool and resource relied upon by people all over the globe. It has become the predominant source for education, recreation, work, and commerce. In a world where the web has become such a valuable asset, it is essential to provide all users with an accessible online environment.

This is why Accessibly was created.

Accessibly is the leading app for providing and enhancing web accessibility for your Shopify website.

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Ecommerce is a fiercely competitive market, and it is essential to separate yourself from your competitors. Ensuring your online store is accessible to all customers, regardless of any disabilities or impairments, is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, Accessibly has created a seamless solution for accessibility that is readily available for all Shopify store owners.

Adding the Accessibly widget to your Shopify store is a great way to improve accessibility and customer satisfaction.

Improve Your Shopify Web Accessibility With Accessibly

Accessibly was intelligently designed with the goal of drastically improving online stores on the Shopify platform. By installing Accessibly onto your Shopify store, you can improve user experience in a myriad of ways. One of the most common disabilities is visual impairment, particularly among older individuals. Accessibly was created with this in mind, and has made strides to create an accessible environment for visually impaired users.

Accessibly includes features such as grayscale, adjustable brightness and contrast, inverted colors, and even a text-to-speech reading of the website. Accessibly is dedicated to including as many helpful features as possible to create an accessible online environment.

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We also include features such as highlighted links, readable fonts, and alternative text for photos, making navigation simple. Accessibly was also designed to work seamlessly across devices for both desktop and mobile users.

Accessibly was created with the goal of following WCAG and ADA guidelines.

We believe adhering to these guidelines as closely as possible is the best practice for providing users with a sufficiently accessible environment.

WCAG guidelines are international standards designed to make online content more accessible for users with impairments or disabilities. Following these standards creates a higher quality online environment for those with disabilities, and users in general.

By providing useful assistive technologies onto your Shopify store, you will improve customer satisfaction and brand perception. Accessibly follows the best guidelines and is partially conformant with WCAG 2.0 level AA. It is important to note that WCAG guidelines are continuing to evolve to better address web accessibility. That is why Accessibly is committed to also evolving, so we can continue to abide by the rigorous standards of the WCAG.

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Installing Accessibly On A Shopify Website

Installing Accessibly onto your Shopify website has been made exceptionally simple. To get started, you can visit the homepage of From there, simply click the “Get Accessibly App” button, and select the Shopify icon. This will direct you to Shopify’s website, where you can download and install the Accessibly widget directly from the Shopify app store. Once the install is complete, users can begin using the Accessibly widget on your Shopify website.

Also, after the widget has been installed to your Shopify store, you will have access to multitude of customization and branding features.

Accessibly understands the importance of maintaining a strong brand presence, so we have provided several branding features.

This includes what features you make available to your users, the color and theme display of the widget, and several other adjustable branding options.

Pricing For Shopify Users

Accessibly has committed to making pricing for our customers both simple and affordable. We never charge hidden fees, or fees based on website traffic and visitor count. Instead, we charge a flat rate either monthly or annually for our product. We are proud to offer our Shopify product for the great price of $5 monthly for our basic package, and $20 monthly for our professional package. You can also select an annual subscription of our professional package for $200. We also offer customers a 7-day free trial to test the amazing potential of Accessibly!

Monthly Plan

$20 /per month

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Yearly Plan

$200 /per year

5-day Free Trial

Get The #1 Accessibility Widget Now

Providing an accessible environment to every customer that visits your Shopify website is absolutely essential for boosting your business. Accessibly was created to simplify the process of giving users an accessible environment. Sign Up with Accessibly today, select a plan that works for you and your business, and immediately begin seeing the benefits of having a more accessible environment.

Do not delay giving your customers the accessibility they need to have a more satisfying shopping experience on your online Shopify store. Install the Accessibly widget now, and change the way you do business.

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