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After you’ve made a Squarespace website with one of its beautiful templates, you will need to make sure it’s accessible to everyone. Squarespace is built for user comfort, but disabled individuals have even more demanding needs because of their vision or hearing disorders. To help them navigate your website, you can use Accessibly tools to enhance their experience.

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Accessibly Features That Improve Your Squarespace Webpage

Creating accessible websites on your own can be time consuming. We have a wide range of incredible accessibility features that will vastly improve your webpage:

  • Compliance: We comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Having an ADA-compliant site can greatly improve traffic.
  • Bigger Text and Cursor: Change the text and cursor size to large for better visibility to create a more accessible website.
  • Create a Reading Line: Add reading lines to enhance readability on your accessible Squarespace website.
  • Invert Colors: Invert colors for better visibility.
  • Change Contrast and Brightness: Alter contrast and brightness to read better.
  • Highlight Links: Make links easier to click on.
  • Hide Images: Remove images to help you read.
  • Text to Speech: Use text-to-speech options to listen to text. This is one of the most important accessible elements.
  • Automated Image Alt Tags: Use image alt tags for easier comprehension.
  • AI Image Alt Tag Generator: Use the AI image alt tag generator in an additional package.

How Can You Make Squarespace Sites More Accessible?

Squarespace has some basic accessibility tools, making its platform accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. The Squarespace accessibility plugin also provides some resources and guidelines to help website owners create accessible content and improve the overall accessibility of their websites. 

Squarespace website accessible tools also allow users to add third-party accessibility tools or widgets to their websites without coding knowledge. This includes audio descriptions or accessibility overlays, to further enhance the accessibility of their content. Accessibly is a great third-party web accessibility application that can improve your website’s accessibility for disabled individuals.

Why Are Squarespace Site Accessibility Tools Important?

Accessibility widgets are important because they can make websites and online content more accessible to users with disabilities. For example, users with visual impairments may rely on screen readers or high-contrast modes to access online content, while users with mobility impairments may rely on keyboard navigation or voice recognition software. 

Accessibility widgets can provide these features and more, making it easier for users with disabilities to access and interact with websites. 

This can help promote inclusivity and equal access to information and services for all users. Additionally, accessibility widgets can help websites comply with accessibility guidelines and regulations, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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How Can My Squarespace Site Be Improved By Accessibly?

Small businesses’ websites can benefit from Accessibly in several ways. Accessibly can help your website be more compliant with accessibility guidelines and regulations, such as the ADA and the WCAG. However, you should check the regulations and adhere to the rules by making sure your website matches the requirements. Accessibly can improve the overall user experience for visitors with disabilities by providing features like assistive technology support, keyboard navigation, color contrast, image alt text, and responsive design. 

This can make the website more accessible and easier to navigate for users with a wide range of disabilities, including visual impairments, motor impairments, and cognitive impairments.      

Having Acessibly as your Squarespace accessibility widget can demonstrate your website’s commitment to inclusivity, which can enhance the brand’s reputation and appeal to a wider audience. An accessibility widget can increase the accessibility, usability, and inclusivity of a Squarespace website, benefiting both the website owner and the visitors.            

You have to stay on top of ADA compliance accessibility standards to help your visitors navigate your website. Find out more about how Accessibly can help you achieve accessibility requirements by starting a free trial today.

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