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Make your Weebly website accessible to all web visitors. Don’t let your disabled audience feel left out. Websites are difficult to navigate for those with legal disabilities like vision or hearing disorders. To help improve their experience, you can make your Weebly website more accessible by using Accessibly.

You can also learn more about web content accessibility guidelines and use the Accessibly widget for WCAG compliance to help create better web accessibility. 

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What Is the Accessibly Plugin for Weebly Accessibility?

The Weebly Accessibly plugin is an accessibility widget tool that is designed to improve the accessibility of websites created using the Weebly platform. What makes the Weebly Accessibly widget unique is that it provides a range of features that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of users with disabilities. 

For example, it offers support for screen readers, keyboard navigation, color contrast, and image alt text, among other things. The widget is also customizable, allowing users to choose which features they want to include and adjust settings to their preferences. The Accessibly widget is easy to install and use, making it accessible to website creators of all levels of experience.

Accessibly Widget Features That Will Benefit You 

There are a variety of website builder accessibility features that can help improve your experience while using Weebly. You can incorporate the following using the Accessibly plugin:

Website Builder Technology Assistance

The Accessibly plugin can provide support for various assistive technologies, including speech recognition software, magnifiers, and screen readers. This can make the website easier for users with disabilities to navigate.

Weebly Site Keyboard Maneuvering

Weebly’s Accessibly tools can provide keyboard maneuvering, which can be particularly beneficial for users who have difficulty using a touchscreen or mouse. This may include features like optimizing the tab order, providing skip links, and offering keyboard shortcuts, all of which can help to enhance the user experience. 

Color Differentiation

The Accessibly widget can create color differentiation, which is especially important for users with visual impairments. This can include high-contrast modes, color filters, and other similar features that can make it easier for users to distinguish between various elements on the website.

Alternative Image Text Assistive Technology

Accessibly tools can generate alternative image text, which can be valuable for users with visual impairments who use screen readers. This ensures that all images on the website are described in a way that can be understood by users with disabilities.

Adaptive Design Accessibility Solution 

When you use the Accessibly widget, you can ensure that the website is designed in an adaptive manner that is optimized for a wide range of screen sizes and devices. This is essential for users with disabilities to access the website in a way that suits their preferences and abilities, whether they are using a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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Why Is ADA Compliance Something I Should Pay Attention To?

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance is necessary on a Weebly accessibility website to ensure that the website is accessible to people with disabilities. This means that the website should be designed and developed in a way that makes it easy for people with disabilities to navigate and interact with the content. 

Failure to comply with ADA regulations can result in legal action, fines, and damage to a company’s reputation. You can make your website accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. This will improve the overall user experience and reach a broader audience.

Where Do I Place My Accessibility Statement On My Weebly Website?

There are several places you can put the accessibility statement on a Weebly website, but the most common location is in the footer. This ensures that it is easily accessible from any page on the site. 

Once the accessibility statement is added to the footer, it will be visible on all pages of the Weebly website. You can also consider adding a link to the accessibility statement in the main navigation menu of your Weebly website to make it even easier to find. 

Find out how you can use Accessibly to improve your website accessibility by starting a free trial today!

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